Thursday, March 19, 2015

Miles Davis...Blues Note Collections Volumes 1 and 2

Miles Davis: Volume 1:
The first of two reconfigured CDs of Miles Davis' work for Blue Note collects 1952 and 1954 sessions that belie his debilitation from drug use during most of the period. On bop standards such as "Donna" and "Woody 'n You," cut in '52 with a sextet including Jackie McLean on alto sax and Kenny Clarke on drums, Miles burns despite his personal problems, letting fly runs that sneer at his demons. On later sides featuring pianist Horace Silver, bassist Percy Heath and drummer Art Blakey, he brings a full-on panache to Monk's "Well You Needn't" and a trademark delicacy to "It Never Entered My Mind." Once he got past his addiction, such qualities were the order of the day, but this music is no less powerful for his struggles. --Rickey Wright (Amazon Review)

1. Dear Old Stockholm
2. Chance It (Alternate Take)
3. Chance It
4. Donna (Alternate Take)
5. Donna
6. Woody 'N You (Alternate Take)
7. Woody 'N You
8. Yesterdays
9. How Deep Is The Ocean
10. Take Off
11. Lazy Susan
12. The Leap
13. Well You Needn't
14. Weirdo
15. It Never Entered My Mind

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Miles Davis: Volume 2:
Although the number of selections are quite small (six different tunes, five of which have its alternate take), the quality of playing is strong in every way. Miles and the boys play through those tricky triplets in "Ray's Idea" very cleanly. The two ballads, "Enigma" and "I Waited for You," again show Miles' marvelous tender side. "Kelo" and "CTA" are two great boppin' ensemble pieces, with great solos all around. The real capper of this set is Bud Powell's "Tempus Fugit," with again more great solos from Miles, saxist Horace Silver and t'bonist Jay Jay Johnson. The real kicker of this piece however is Art Blakey's infectious backbeat.

1. Kelo (Alternate Take)
2. Kelo
3. Enigma (Alternate Take)
4. Enigma
5. Ray's Idea (Alternate Take)
6. Ray's Idea
7. Tempus Fugit
8. Tempus Fugit (Alternate Take)
9. C.T.A. (Alternate Take)
10. C.T.A.

11. I Waited For You

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