Wednesday, October 19, 2016

See Through Two...Slow Bend...improvised acoustic bass duelling

Slow Bend is the debut recording by See Through Two, which is composed of Rob Clutton (bass and banjo) and Pete Johnston (bass). Formed in 2013, See Through Two play original compositions for two basses, with a few tunes featuring other instruments Pete and Rob play (or at least were able to borrow). This recording features nine compositions by Pete Johnston that afford plenty of space for improvisation and general low end theorizing.

Marty's review: Very sparse instrumentation and some clever dueling on the basses makes this a most unusual and unique piece of contemporary jazz. Certainly one for private listening and appreciation, it combines classical elements with jazz improvising that results in what I would term a "quiet symphony for the brain". Each track is a one word title with no more than five

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