Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New York-based modern jazz trio MEM3 new album release "Circles"

Circles is the sophomore release from the New York-based collective, MEM3.  MEM3 features 3 different musicians from 3 different parts of the globe, whose collective vibe and musicianship forms a very distinct and adventurous modern jazz trio.  The trio consists of Michael Cabe on piano from Seattle (USA), Mark Lau on bass from Sydney (Australia) and Ernesto Cervini on drums from Toronto (Canada).

The album is made up of original compositions from all three musicians as well as one traditional hymn. Included is a piece dedicated to the great jazz pianist, Esbjorn Svensson, who’s own trio EST was a great inspiration for these musicians.  The group’s sound is influenced by the trio sounds of the great Oscar Peterson, Peter Erskine, the Bad Plus and the aforementioned EST.  

MEM3 is the culmination of 8 years of close musical and personal friendship between three musicians from three different parts of the globe. These three talented musicians met while they were studying in the Masters Degree program at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music in New York City.  Their debut album Pennsylvania Grey received rave reviews across the globe. 

Circles will be released internationally on Friday, March 24th, 2017 and will be available on iTunes.

Marty's review: MEM3 bring traditional jazz into the 21st century with their new release, Circles. Their finely honed talents all come together on this 10 track collection that sees them taking influences from piano trios of the past and adding a twist of contemporary weaving that creates a soundscape of improvisational style compositions that both gel and flow. Jazz purists will certainly find this appealing and aficionados of modern jazz-fusion will lap this up for all its intricacies and exceptional musicianship from all members.

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