Monday, February 19, 2018

Instrumental fusion project NOOP release first single "Evolve"..stunning track from talented musicians

Los Angeles based composer, writer, producer, guitarist and bassist, Nipun Nair, recently started up an instrumental fusion project called NOOP. They recently released their first single which has gone viral on Facebook, accumulating over 35,000 views in under a week.

NOOP began as an experiment for Nipun Nair - an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and performer. Years of growing his sound and understanding the role that music plays in his life led him to the creation of NOOP.  The concept behind it was to create honest instrumental music (Free to be interpreted in any way for the listener), that is not made to impress, or cater to the boundaries of the commercial music industry, and see how that would resonate with listeners.

In order to do this, Nipun had to find the right musicians to be a part of this project. This means that the primary motivation behind being a  part of the project had to stem from the joy of creating and playing music. They say light attracts light, and almost effortlessly, these phenomenal musicians emerged from the crowd… 
Lemuel Clark - one of the most talented drummers today, ever increasing in demand, yet one of the most humble people around. 
Renny Goh - Such an incredibly talented young keyboardist, who strives every day to be better than she was yesterday.. Her exponential growth has caught the attention of many musicians prominent in the industry today. 
Gabriel Coll - One of the youngest and most gifted bassists in Hollywood today. His understanding of music is so natural, that he is able to navigate it and communicate through it like it’s simply a part of his existence. 

With these elements in order, Nipun brought the project to life with their first single: Evolve 

Evolve -  is a story of evolution and growth… an honest revelation about the struggles as an artist… As artists, we all start off with a clear vision of what we want to do… express ourselves through our art. However making that art noticeable in such a competitive market begins to throw doubt on ones-self, leading one to believe they need to conform to the mainstream industry to be taken seriously or noticed. However by doing so, and paying close attention to what our inner monologue is saying, we end up realizing that we are stifling ourselves by not being true to ourselves… and then begins the process of re-discovering ourselves through honesty, and what we end up finding is that the struggles that we just went through, brought us out in the end, more honest than before, and on the next level, and step towards evolution. This is what E-volve tries to depict, that through the ups and downs, the overall trajectory is progress!

Marty's review: NOOP's first release is a stunner! Combining flowing keyboard strokes with exquisite guitar licks and a tight, funky rhythm, this collaboration hits the spot and showcases the amazing talents of these four young musicians. They bounce off each other like seasoned professionals and it all comes together in this smooth, almost effortless composition that will more than impress listeners of fine music.

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