Friday, July 6, 2018

Jazz bassist-composer Solon McDade debut release "Murals"..essence of modern jazz

Murals” the debut release by Juno Award winning bassist-composer Solon McDade features nine original modern jazz pieces infused with a love and respect for tradition as well as a passion for modernity and progress.

Solon McDade grew up on stage performing with his family and has developed into a versatile performer equally able to unleash his "complex and literate bass playing" (Dirty Linen Magazine) in jazz clubs, blues bars, and at folk and bluegrass festivals. He has been a part of numerous tours in North America, Europe and China and his distinctive melodic and powerful bass playing provides the foundation on which the sound of many recordings are built. His group The McDades won a Juno Award for their album “Bloom”.

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Marty's review: Solon McDade's debut release is an exercise in the essence of modern jazz. Pure, flowing lines from Solon and his well-chosen group of musicians makes this album outstanding in many ways. Compositions that are well crafted and executed and integrating each instrument exactly where they should be without sounding contrived or using a jazz formula. Totally original and a delight to listen to with many repeats.