Montreal-based vocalist Sonia Johnson album release Chrysalis...jazz vocals at their finest

After carrying out a multiyear pilgrimage of experimentation in jazz and pop music, Montreal singer-songwriter Sonia Johnson has emerged from out of the shadows and into the light with Chrysalis, her first English language album. On this new recording, Johnson is accompanied by a fabulous ensemble of 11 musicians and vocalists - featuring singer Elie Haroun - and is supported by an incredible cast of collaborators including Stanley Péan, Stephen Johnston, Mark Alan Haynes, Alex Lefaivre, and Normand Deveault. Chrysalis is an audacious musical flight - poetic, soulful, and delicately woven with silken sounds. 

Sonia Johnson first gained national recognition with her acclaimed album Le Carré de nos amours, which won the 2012 Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. Her next project, Triades, featuring singers Annie Poulain and Charles Biddle Jr., was nominated for a 2013 ADISQ and a 2014 Juno award. Le cœur à l’endroit, a collaborative album with renowned pianist and arranger Marianne Trudel, further solidified her reputation as one of Canada’s premiere vocalists. A graduate from the University of Montreal's Masters program, Johnson is a highly sought after collaborator and has worked with a wide variety of artists including Laila Biali, Félix Stüssi & Les Malcommodes, Steven Taetz, Vincent Réhel, Rodrigo Simoes, and Orchestre National de Jazz de Montréal. 

"...From the slumber of the caterpillar to the flight of the butterfly, I emerge from my cocoon, with strength and courage, deploying my multi-colored wings"......Sonia Johnson

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Marty's review: Sonia Johnson personifies the classic contemporary vocal jazz style on this her first English language release. With a voice that is pure and silky and a delivery that is polished and timeless, the 13 all original tracks are a joy to listen to and blend together with a cohesion and effortlessness that makes one feel like floating on a cloud. The expert and well crafted musicianship that accompanies her is equally cohesive and brings a new meaning to the "smoothness" in contemporary jazz music.