Sunday, September 21, 2014

Barbara artist, singer and original. A trendy representation of jazz/pop.

Barbara Lusch has a unique and compelling way with a song that goes straight to your heart. Her new recording, "Rock Me Sweet", is a surprising and magnetic reinterpretation of some of the best loved rock anthems of the 80's. Well-known hits of male rock icons such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Bono have been transformed by Barbara into sophisticated, sexy, and soulful songs. She is an interpreter of both jazz and pop, as well as a producer, actress and model with a gorgeous vocal instrument that recalls singers such as Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney, Eva Cassidy, Doris Day, Julie London. There is smoke, there is fire, there is honey. 

Barbara's solo singing career was preceded by a stint as a vocalist in the popular Portland, Oregon band, Pepe and the Bottle Blondes. The group appeared with the Oregon Symphony Pops, the Britt Festival in Jackson, Oregon, and in venues throughout Oregon as well as in Reno and Seattle. In 2002, Barbara went solo, and since then has been performing throughout the Pacific Northwest with regular engagements in such premier venues as Jimmy Mak's, the Liberty Theater in Astoria, the Heathman and Benson Hotels, and the Allison. She has also appeared at Portland's Cathedral Park Jazz Festival and the Portland Jazz Festival.

"Rock Me Sweet" is Barbara's third album, and represents a new avenue of musical exploration for her as well as for the audience. It has a profound beauty that is at times sweet, at times sorrowful, and at other times playful and seductive. It can console, and evoke nostalgia. Throughout "Rock Me Sweet", Barbara's vocals have an elegant and steady consistency as they move from smoldering emotions to soaring, angelic expressions. Enhancing her performance are the arrangements of warm strings, simmering percussion, plaintive horns, and piquant keyboards. It's a lush setting that perfectly complements the tales contained therein of toxic love, self-imprisonment, liberation, broken dreams and hope.

"Lusch isn't one to settle for ordinary; she sings with a deeply sensual vibrancy that gets right to the heart of the matter. One listen and you may feel as if you've known Barbara Lusch all your life." (Jim Santella, All About Jazz)

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Genre  :Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, Easy Listening

Comparison : Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee, Joni Mitchell, Julie London, Blossom Dearie

Location : Portland, OR