Thursday, April 16, 2015

Angela Ricci...Quirky, Colourful, Cute, release "Isn’t It Funny (La Vite e Bella)"

QUIRKY. Colourful. Cute. Honest. These are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe Angela Ricci’s latest release, Isn’t It Funny (La Vita é Bella).

Staying true to her signature story-telling style, Isn’t It Funny describes the chameleon-esque side of human character, highlighting the unreliable instincts that can surface in the advent of others’ success: “When you’re a nobody, nobody pays you mind/And when you go places they wanna follow behind.” With a lyrical nod to her Italian heritage, Ricci concludes the song with the old adage that "La Vita é Bella" – life is beautiful, ultimately embracing the curves and colours that others bring. The sassy-singing, jazzy-scatting and whistle-blowing track once again demonstrates Ricci’s distinctive talent for evoking the soul and blues of yesteryear in a light-hearted contemporary pop style, ultimately creating a truly fresh and unique combination.

With a rich musical history that includes performing with the likes of Kelis, Rita Ora, and The Heavy, Isn’t It Funny proves that Angela Ricci is well on her way to creating a legacy of her own.


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