Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Orleans' Jazz-Punk artist Stephanie Nilles releases new album "Uncle Stephanie's Murder Ballads"

New Orleans, LA – Jazz / Punk / Barrelhouse musician Stephanie Nilles – also hailed as the imp of the American pseudo-intellectuals – has released her fifth full-length album, Uncle Stephanie’s Murder Ballads. The digital release via Attention Spaniel Records was on July 31st in the United States and Canada and is due for physical fall release (date TBD) via Tradition & Moderne.

Uncle Stephanie’s Murder Ballads blends original songs with covers of artists such as Jelly Roll Morton (“The Murder Ballad”) and (“Laf Nag”). It is an album built on the dark humor and musicianship of the traditional murder ballad’s form but driven by Stephanie's hard-hitting social commentary on topics including police brutality, immigration policy, cyber-terrorism and war.

The album’s first single, “Open Season,” is available for download via Bandcamp. The song takes place in the courtroom of 2012’s Trayvon Martin shooting case and is a critical assessment of gun policies and race in the United States. “The song is either too soon or not soon enough, and I'm not sure which,” says Nilles about the track. Those who download the song (here) will receive access to an early purchase of the album prior to the official street date.

About Stephanie Nilles: Chicago-born jazz/punk/barrelhouse musician Stephanie Nilles has been doin' Kesey proud one bar at a time since 2008, hustling around the United States, Europe, and Canada (except from 2009-2010 for legal reasons), averaging 150 gigs a year, and captivating unsuspecting listeners with a voice that would make Jelly Roll Morton look orthodox and Ma Rainey look sober.

Stream and download the album HERE

01. Bait + Switch
02. The Slaughter Haus
03. The Murder Ballad
04. John Waters
05. The Majestic’s on Fire
06. The Deportee
07. A-Z Blues
08. Open Season
09. War Crimes
10. Expired as an Old Driver’s License
11. The Dirty Dozen
12. Laf Nag
13. Hello/G’bye

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