Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Jazz-World musician Enrique Haneine new album The Mind's jazz conversation

Enrique Haneine is a jazz-world musician, composer, pianist, drummer, improviser, and educator that is currently living in New York City and was born in Mexico City from Lebanese descent.

Enrique Haneine has won international jazz competitions and received multiple music awards, his reputation as a brilliant artist and talented arranger are well earned, his repertoire has evolved and matured into the realm of free jazz, standards and Latin jazz forays. Ranging from his past role as music director for Ricky Martin and for numerous productions, and performances, he has collaborated with some of the greatest jazz musicians. A winner of the Jane Jarvis Jazz Competition, voted All About Jazz New York’s Best of 2005 Albums of the Year, Grammy Nominated for his performance on the Best Latin Jazz Album 2013 are only a few of the accomplishments Haneine enjoys.  His last recording entitled INSTANTS OF TIME was released in January of 2016 successfully reaching its own innovative character and sound garnering fantastic reviews and making it to the top of the jazz charts - #3 CMJ -  with thirteen original compositions.  

His most recent recording entitled THE MIND’S MURAL includes eleven original compositions exploring the forces and influences that direct the mind to interpret and react, like images composing a mural of perception. Maintaining the jazz, Latin and middle eastern influence, the use of innovative rhythms in odd meter contexts and driving intervallic yet lyrical melodies, the free jazz conversation is achieved in a high caliber, sensitive linear setting.

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Marty's reviewThe latest release by this multi-talented and equally acclaimed musician is a journey into the realms of free-form jazz with elements of world and classical in the mix. Assembling a stellar cast of musical associates, Enrique Haneine has created a highly fluid and finely calibrated set of compositions that blend together in a jazz-scape of sound that is fresh and emotionally rich.

The combined creativeness of Anna Webber on tenor saxophone, Catherine Sikora on tenor & soprano saxophones, Carlo de Rosa on acoustic bass and Enrique Haneine on drums, cymbals & udu drum is visionary, unique and skillful, resulting in a sculptural form of jazz that is exhilarating and sophisticated.