Compelling album release Nostalgia and Other Fantasies from Montreal-based drummer Aaron Dolman

Recently released is the gorgeous and compelling new album from Montreal-based drummer Aaron Dolman entitled Nostalgia and Other Fantasies.

Inspired by the feelings of nostalgia that are stirred up while sifting through old family photos, Aaron Dolman presents a collection of original works that combine two of his great musical loves – jazz and folk music. The songs sway between evocative melodies, exciting improvisations and delicate soundscapes.

With his uncompromisingly eclectic approach to composition, Dolman weaves together influences from a wide range of musical experiences. Avant-garde forms collide with playful bluegrass interludes; passages of free improvisation mingle with elements of contemporary chamber-music; solos morph into collective melodies that bring to mind traditional fiddle music. The album dances around notions of style and genre in an honest reflection of Dolman’s voice as a composer, drummer and bandleader.

Equipped with an assortment of bells, antiques and knick-knacks to expand his sound palette, Dolman leads a unique ensemble of viola, upright bass and two guitars. This folk-inspired instrumentation is an engaging departure from the sound of more conventional jazz ensembles and the result is a debut release that sounds remarkably fresh while embracing the familiar intimacy of songs sung around a campfire.

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Marty's review: Nostalgia and Other Fantasies is a delicate and intricate treat for the senses. Aaron Dolman has created a musical quilt that takes elements from various genres of music and melds them with contemporary jazz to present a personal and retrospective story of a time that is close to his heart. The musicianship is expansive and textured while the melodies are poetic and poignant and leave one with a sense of enlightenment that is refreshing and surreal.